Parent Communications

It is our intention for parents of current students to be able to access any generic documents that have been sent home either by email or through the students.

If we’ve missed anything please contact Samantha Hand.

Remember that you can report absences by emailing - remember to include both the student's name and if possible their student ID number.

Absences should be advised each day preferably before 10 am.

Year 2 Parent Consultation Evenings 2017

In last week’s Tutorial sessions, students were issued invites to the year 2 Parent’s Evenings which will be taking place on 30th November and 5th December. To see a copy of the letter please click here.

Higher Education Day – Friday 24 November 2017
All Year 1 students are expected to attend – registration will be taken.

This event, held on the English Bridge Campus, is a perfect opportunity for Year 1 students and their parents to meet with representatives from a range of universities and to find out about higher education and all that it entails.

The HE Fair itself will take place from 10.30 am till 12.30 pm.  In addition there will be a programme of presentations by different universities.  Information on how to sign up for the talks will be available after October half-term.

Emails from SSFC and ProPortal

Due to the way that many mail providers operate, it is possible that emails received from the college and ProPortal will be automatically filed in your junk/spam/clutter folders. We would ask therefore that you check those folders for updates from the address. If it is the case that this is happening, you will need to take appropriate action so that your mail provider treats the or ProPortal address as 'safe' and not 'junk' mail. If you have any queries, please contact Laurina Rushworth. Should you wish to be removed from our mailing lists, please be aware that you will receive no communications at all, including absence texts. Should this be something you wish to instigate, please contact Sam Hand.


ParentPay is an e-payment system that allows you to pay for items at college including the college fund contribution. You will receive a letter from the college outlining how you can access ParentPay. If you haven't, please email the college on quoting ParentPay and your son/daughter’s student id in the subject bar.

You can pay for trips and visits; book deposits, etc. at either Reception. The preferred method of payment is by the online e-payments system Parentpay. You can also pay by credit/debit card at either Reception or by calling 01743 342342 and speaking with Wendy Griffiths during the hours of 10 – 1 pm daily. Once you have registered onto the system, you can see a ‘shop’ of items that can be purchased. Note that all college resources are listed, not only those relevant to your son/daughter. You should have received from each subject notification of what purchases are suggested to support your son/daughters course. If you have any queries, please contact quoting ParentPay and your son/daughter’s student id in the subject bar.


ProPortal is a student information system that allows parents/guardians to view student progress, attendance and other information held at college. Parents/guardians are required to register for an account. 

Please click here for instructions on how to register on ProPortal. To go to ProPortal please click here. This process involves some manual data checking so any account requests made after 4.30pm on Thursdays will not be actioned until the following Monday and during term-time only. Click here for details on how to use ProPortal.

Travelling from Wales?

The Welsh Government have a discounted travel scheme providing people living in Wales aged 16, 17 and 18 with 1/3 discount off their bus travel. The pass itself is free of charge. For more information and to apply, please go to

Absence Reporting

The College’s reporting response to student absence from lessons is via a text messaging system which is designed to inform you if your son or daughter misses any college commitments. An automated text will be sent to your agreed mobile number after 1pm on any day where a commitment has been missed that morning and also 6pm when a commitment has been missed that afternoon (if we have not received contact from you before the lesson begins to explain the absence).

You are welcome to contact the college, following receipt of a text, where routine information eg. which lessons your son or daughter was absent from can be provided by the student's Student Support Tutor. Please be aware that college opening times are 8.30 am to 4.30 pm.

College Closure

If the college is closed unexpectedly due to severe weather or other any other incident, notification will be made via Radio Shropshire, college website, Parent Portal, Moodle and social media (if appropriate). 

Contact Details

It is vital that the college has up to date contact details for the students and their primary contacts. If a student signs out during the college day for any reason, college policy is that the primary contact for the student is contacted. If you have changed your address, telephone number, email address or mobile number please contact us. Please include the Student ID No in the email.

Coursework Calendars
Shropshire Safeguarding Board

Click here to go to the Shropshire Safeguarding Board website