Progress Monitoring

Viewing Progress Grades on ProPortal

To view the data, log on to ProPortal and click on your son/daughter's name (Instructions to follow later in the term.)

Target Setting and Progress Monitoring

The Principal meets with all students on their first tutorial day to explain the approach to target setting used at college. Tutorial sessions then build on these meetings with sessions on personal target grades.

Progress Grades & Reports to Parents
At several points in the year students will receive progress grades in each of their courses (see schedule of dates at the beginning of this document). These progress grades give an indication of the final outcome based on the student’s work to date, and will be available for parents to view via *ProPortal. Staff may also refer to an MTG (Minimum Target Grade), which is calculated from a student’s GCSE score. The MTG for a student is based on the grade that a student in the top 25% in the country would be expected to achieve with similar GCSE grades. Student Support Tutors and subject teachers will discuss individual targets with students in order for them to maximise their success.

*This software allows staff and students to track their progress. It gives information on attendance, targets and progress check grades. Student Support Tutors use this system to discuss targets with students and to track performance closely. 

The weeks for Progress grade collection in 2017-18 are:

Progress Check Week 1 6-10 November 2017
Progress Check Week 2  22-26 January 2018
Progress Check Week 3 19-23 March 2018
Progress Check Week 4 14-18 May 2018


Consultation Events

These events are provided for consultation between parents, staff and students so we strongly recommend that parents and students attend these evenings together. Students make the appointments with relevant staff members.