College Policies

Here you will find the key policies relating to the College.

Admissions and Fees

Student Bursary and Hardship          Updated: 28/02/2017
Admissions Policy and Procedure          Updated: 28/02/2017     (223 KB)

Equality and Diversity

Equality & Diversity Policy (Single Equality Scheme SES)          Updated: 03/07/2017     (572 KB)
This tells you how we intend to fulfill our duties under equality legislation, promote equality of opportunity and reduce discrimination, and how we will demonstrate our commitment to promoting respect, fairness, equality and diversity.
Disability Equality Policy          Updated: 07/04/2017     (100 KB)

Safeguarding and Health & Safety

Social Media Policy          Updated: 27/03/2017     (168 KB)
Student Criminal Convictions Policy          Updated: 28/02/2017     (211 KB)
Student Behaviour Policy and Procedure          Updated: 28/02/2017     (641 KB)
Safeguarding Policy and Procedures          Updated: 08/05/2017     (471 KB)
Positive Mental Health Policy          Updated: 28/02/2017     (507 KB)
Health & Safety Policy and Procedure          Updated: 28/02/2017     (3.61 MB)
Fitness to Study Policy          Updated: 28/02/2017     (414 KB)

Curriculum & Quality

HE Intermittence / Withdrawal Policy          Updated: 21/06/2017     (811 KB)
Academic Appeals Policy          Updated: 07/04/2017     (304 KB)
Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure          Updated: 28/02/2017     (265 KB)
Information, Advice & Guidance Policy          Updated: 28/02/2017     (282 KB)
Complaints Policy and Procedure          Updated: 28/02/2017     (155 KB)

Student Services

Study Support Policy          Updated: 07/04/2017     (82 KB)

Freedom of Information

Model request letter          Updated: 08/11/2017     (84 KB)
Freedom of Information (FOI) Policy          Updated: 01/11/2017     (475 KB)
FOI Publication Scheme          Updated: 01/11/2017     (340 KB)