Classics Essay Success for Caitlin

17 May 2016

Congratulations to Caitlin Casselman who has received a Certificate of Commendation from Dr Sara Owen, Director of Studies in Classics at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge for her entry in a national Ancient World / Classics Essay national competition run by Fitzwilliam College. Interestingly the college has another Shrewsbury link in that Emma, the wife of Charles Darwin, lived in The Grove, a house which is at the heart of Fitzwilliam College.

The topic chosen was “The Continued Popularity of Ancient Literature is not due to ‘timelessness’ but due to the window it gives us onto an excitingly alien world.” Discuss - you can read Caitlin's response here

Caitlin is in her first year at college and came to us from Priory School in Shrewsbury. She also studies English Literature, English Language and Psychology and is looking to go onto university, perhaps even Cambridge to study literature and/or Classics. 

Tags: Classical Civilisation