French Cultural Exchange

7 December 2015

In early November, nine students from Shrewsbury Sixth Form College spent their school week on French Exchange in the small Northern town of Le Cateau. The site of Wilfred Owen’s grave nearby established a link to Shrewsbury. 

We each stayed with a family and went to school with the French students. Everyone was incredibly hospitable and patient with our attempts at the language, and we all agree our speaking improved dramatically by the end of the trip. We visited several small cemeteries of British soldiers from WWI, including Wilfred Owen’s grave, where there was also a large memorial building with recordings of his poems in French and English, and the opportunity to see the cellar where he wrote a letter home shortly before his death. Additionally, the artist Matisse was born in Le Cateau so we visited a gallery of his work. Alongside shopping, meeting new people, and various levels of participation in the French lessons, the trip was fantastic and we can’t wait to welcome our partners back to Shrewsbury.

The French students will visit in November 2016.

Megan Davies

French Cultural Exchange Nov 2015

Tags: Modern Languages