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GCE A Level

Costs: Students are required to have their own calculator.  All students must wear a lab coat and safety glasses during practical lessons; these are provided and there is an annual £3 laundry maintenance fee for use of the coats payable at the start of the academic year via SSFC ParentPay. 

Specific requirements

A list of entry requirements can be found here.

What will I study?

Why is copper sulphate blue? Why does ice float on water? If you want to be able to explain things like this, and to learn more about the fascinating and varied world of the elements, then Chemistry is the course for you.

Chemistry is the science of materials. It is about gases, liquids and solids; how they interact and how they may be made. Think about plastics, pesticides and drugs; fireworks, fuels and explosives. Chemistry is, literally, everywhere.

A qualification in Chemistry is challenging to study, highly valued and leads to a wide variety of careers. If you are undecided about your future, many options are kept open by studying Chemistry.

Where does it lead?

Higher/Continuing Education: Typically 95% progress to a wide variety of HE courses including degrees courses in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Medicine, Pharmacy and many other subjects.