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GCE A Level


Equipment: At the beginning of the academic year students will have the opportunity to purchase, via SSFC ParentPay, set texts from the English department to aid note-taking and annotation of texts in preparation for the examinations.

Trips: A range of extracurricular opportunities are offered for all students of English including theatre trips to London, Manchester and Stratford-upon-Avon and international trips including the battlefields visit to France; university taster days, lectures and residentials, and creative writing workshops. These are all optional but highly recommended. 

Specific requirements

A list of entry requirements can be found here.

What will I study?

English is an exciting and interesting subject to study and we hope that you will enjoy the idea of lively debate and discussion. Whichever English course you choose, you will gain a great deal of academic prowess through a subject that promotes the development of transferable skills. You will be taught to think analytically, to synthesise information, and to develop excellent communication skills that are a prerequisite for a wide range of career paths.

One of the most important skills you will learn is how to write coherently and critically. This is an essential skill that will aid you in your other subjects and is invaluable in higher education and the world of employment.

We offer:

  • English Combined
  • English Language
  • English Literature

All three English courses will give you the flexibility to learn about what you enjoy most in the different coursework units offered. Read more about the individual English courses offered by reading the flyer on this page.

English Language GCSE is offered as a resit and is a required course if a C grade at GCSE has not previously been achieved.

Where does it lead?

Higher Education: English provides an excellent foundation for various higher education courses including: law, medicine, English, linguistics, education. It can be combined with a range of other subjects at university.

Employment: English offers increasing employability in a range of career areas, especially those that require developed communication skills. Students in this subject have gone on to careers in law, health and medicine, commerce and industry, marketing, politics and international relations, general management, as well as leading to more predictable areas like journalism, publishing, the media, education, theatre and public relations.