As you are about to enter Year 11 we want to ensure you make an informed decision about what happens when you leave school.

The choices available include full-time education, apprenticeships and employment.

The range of education and training is vast so we are presenting a number of one-stop opportunities to explore your choice of subjects, possible careers, university options, as well as understanding the levels and types of qualifications. There will also be the chance to find out about travel and financial help available.

Please book your space by 16 September, using one of the links below:

Wednesday 27 September 4.00-7.30pm
Park Inn, Telford

Monday 2 October 4.00-7.30pm
Shrewsbury Town FC Stadium, Shrewsbury #2

You can bring two guests with you (family/guardian/sponsor) with places available on a first come basis. Early booking is recommended as these are expected to be busy events.

At the event you will be able to get information and speak to a wide variety of local colleges, sixth forms, training providers, public schools, The British Armed Forces and more - please check the individual bookings page for each event’s exhibitors.

In addition to this event teams from Shrewsbury Colleges Group (Shrewsbury College and Shrewsbury Sixth Form College) will also be visiting schools throughout Year 11, providing information and application support along with dates of college advice events and taster activities.

Attending this event will be an all-round starting point and I hope you will be able to join us.