Maths Challenge success

2 December 2016

Congratulations to go to all the maths students who have recently entered the UK Senior Maths Challenge. An outstanding outcome of 10 Gold, 29 Silver and 28 Bronze certificates reflects the skill and talent of the participating students.

Round 2 of the challenge called Senior Kangaroo, so called to reflect the organisation founders the Australian Mathematics Trust, is an invitation round only and April Qian, Rose Laurie, Keir Degg, Simba Ding, Matthew Hoyle and Thomas Keene will be taking part.

The highest reward has gone to Connor Bennett, Georgie Bumpus and Thomas Hilbert who have been invited to enter the British Maths Olympiad. Around 1000 students a year are invited to this highly selective and prestigious competition – Maths is the most popular A level taken in the UK with estimates of nearly 100,000 students studying it – there are over 550 maths students at SSFC alone.

Thanks go to Pip Lee for organising the event and for supporting students in preparing for the test with Moodle materials and targeted subject support sessions.

Pictured:  l-r  Georgie Bumpus, April Qian, Thomas Hilbert and Simba Ding

Tags: Mathematics