Students represent UK at Model United Nations event

14 March 2016

SSFC students at the MUN Conference – 11 to 13 March 2016

Over the weekend 6 SSFC students have been representing the UK at the Model United Nations Conference in Birmingham at Joseph Chamberlain College..

They took their carefully prepared resolutions to the conference on Friday night and were delighted to see enough support for their ideas to be taken to the UN committees on Saturday. Resolutions were taking the Security Council, Human Rights, Economic and Social, Political, Disarmament, and Environmental committees – and debates covered such varied topics as Ocean toxicity, Rights of Refugees, the Syrian Crisis, the Arms trade, and the future of Tibet.

On Sunday the resolutions moved from committees to the full assembly and the UK delegation made its presence felt through careful scrutiny of the all the resolutions through question and answer, and on the key issues the delegation was called on to explain and justify the actions of the UK.

Congratulations to James Nixon (Security Council), Daniel Poole (Political Committee), Ella Holmes (Economic and Social), Maddie Page (Environment), Bronwen Jones (Human Rights) and Harry Ford (Disarmament) who represented the college so well.

Students learnt a lot about world and international issues, but also acquired high level debating skills and also had a really good time meeting over 100 students from over 20 different colleges.

Martin Ward

MUN 2016

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