Coincidence for Oxford & Cambridge bound students

29 February 2016

Congratulations to George Williams, Alex Swallow, Tom Vout, Matthew Paterson and Rebecca Jones for their successful applications to colleges at Oxford and Cambridge.

Pictured here with Further Maths teachers Chris Sears and Alasdair Benjamin, coincidentally, all five students are also studying Chemistry, Physics and Maths and are all in the same Further Maths class!


  • George is planning to go to Trinity College Cambridge to study Engineering.
  • Alex is planning to go to Edmund College Oxford to study Engineering.
  • Tom is planning to go to University College Oxford to study Physics.
  • Becky is planning to go to Cambridge to study Natural Sciences.
  • Matt is planning to go to Cambridge to study Maths.



* Rebecca Jones was not available for the photograph

Tags: Physics Extend & Enrich Mathematics Chemistry