Spain Ho!

8 January 2016

Eleven students from A2 Spanish travelled to Madrid on 28th November for a four day cultural trip. This involved getting a minibus from college at 1.30am, travelling by plane to Spain, before embarking on a day’s worth of activities. The first day included visiting the ‘Museo Reina Sofia’, where we were able to see Picasso’s famous ‘Guernica’. However, when it came to the installation pieces, it is safe to say that many students found it difficult to stay awake after such an early start.

The rest of Saturday involved going to ‘El Teatro Calderón’, where we saw an illusionist show: ‘La Gran Ilusión’. This was fantastic, despite feeling very on edge as the illusionist started some audience participation, and all of us were left wondering how the illusions were made possible. Our first day in Madrid came to an end in a South American restaurant, ‘La Farfalla’. The food was fantastic, the owners extremely welcoming, and we were keen to start the next day’s activities, but only once having a good night’s sleep first.

Sunday involved going to ‘El Rastro’, a huge street market renowned in Madrid. Many of us picked up some good bargains, with a few attempting to haggle for even better prices. We then visited ‘Estación de Atocha’, where we were going to pay our respects at the monument for the victims of the Madrid bombings, however it was in disrepair so this was not possible. We then visited another museum, ‘Museo del Prado’, and then went to visit the ‘Plaza Mayor’ and ‘Puerta del Sol’. Here we relaxed for a while, before having some time at the hotel for a much needed siesta. We then had our evening meal at a Mexican restaurant called ‘La Mordida’; again, the food was amazing and the whole atmosphere was relaxed, fun, and friendly.

We were fortunate enough to have a guided visit around Madrid on Monday, and we learnt a lot about the history of Madrid. Then we had tapas in ‘Plaza Mayor’, where we had visited the previous day. This was wonderful, with a huge array of traditional Spanish dishes for us to try, including ‘pescaditos fritos’; fried whitebait, eaten as a whole. We then visited another museum, ‘Caixa Forum’, where we learnt about the women of Rome, which was very interesting. As this was our final night in Madrid before leaving, we had a very traditional evening meal: paella, the perfect way to round off a very Spanish day.

Tuesday brought a sense of sadness as we realised that our trip was soon to be over. But before we left for our return flight, we visited the Royal Palace of Madrid; this was simply mind blowing as we saw the incredible architecture and interior design. We then travelled by metro to the airport, where we caught our flight to go home.

royal palace madrid

Overall the trip was a success; everyone had a laugh, enjoyed the Spanish weather and being engrossed in Spanish culture was wonderful.


Alice Morris

Tags: Modern Languages