Engineering Education Scheme Teams get started

4 January 2016

This year there are 14 students taking part in 3 teams. 2 teams working with GKN supported by Physics and Electronics teacher Tony Pyle and one with Schneider-Electric supported by Programme Leader for Art & Design and Product Design teacher Charlotte Brock.

The teams working with GKN are working on projects where they are making devices to calibrate the machines used to test car suspension. 

  • GKN team 1 are designing a linear position calibration tool to calibrate the linear position sensor. It will provide improved accuracy and reliability of said sensors on their automotive “shaking” road simulating test bed
  • GKN team 2 are designing an integral temperature sensing unit that will monitor the temperature of the damper liquids in automotive dampers. It will replace a much more basic single probe unit and will now feed live data from multiple sensors to GKN’s computer network.

The Schneider team are making a panel that easily and safely allows a consumer to connect microgenerators (solar panels, wind turbines, etc.) to their mains electricity.

Engineering Education Scheme Nov 2015


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