Start Up Business Summer School Success

23 July 2015

Shrewsbury Sixth Form College recently hosted a Start Up Business Summer School for students with an interest in entrepreneurship. Marking the end of the 2015 college year and offering young people the chance to use their skills and talents and launch their own business in the rapidly growing UK solo entrepreneur economy, the Start Up Business Summer School took place at the colleges’ Welsh Bridge Campus on the 10th July.

Attendees included both current and prospective students who met with people who have started all sorts of businesses at a young age such as Millicent Evans who ran the Business Enterprise team whilst at SSFC and who has just graduated from Lancaster University with a Management and Enterprise degree. Students also heard from Fay Easton who led the Start Up Session. Fay is Operations Director with the Enterprise Partnership based in Shropshire and one of only 100 people in the UK nominated as a Maserati Business Mentor this year.

Fay Easton said “This is an inspired decision by Shrewsbury Sixth Form College to provide start up and enterprising skills to students. With a rapidly growing freelance and self employed sector in the British economy we need to prepare our young people for an entrepreneurial future.