Securing the future

16 July 2015

Shrewsbury Sixth Form College moves towards Federation

Shrewsbury Sixth Form College provides a high quality A level education and a strong rate of progression into Higher Education. Like all post-16 colleges though, we know we need to adapt in order to meet national changes to the A level curriculum and to cope with on-going funding reduction. We feel that we will do this more effectively with partners.
We have looked at a wide range of options for collaboration with other organisations in order to achieve efficiencies, whilst retaining the distinctive identity and reputation of the college both within and beyond Shrewsbury.

Our preferred option is a federation agreement with Shrewsbury College and New College Telford and we are delighted that all college governing bodies are happy with our inclusion.

We feel that working with partners who have expertise in the 16-19 market and who extend into the vocational and Higher Education field, will provide us with a strong strategic position in the local educational setting and provide opportunities to grow and cement our brand whilst facing up to the financial pressures that have been applied to the post 16 sector. We think this option is also the best for students.

With partners we are looking into the legal and financial implications of this approach and seeking to find ways to sustain and strengthen our curriculum provision.
If the outcomes are positive, and there is a mutually beneficial and workable proposal for all colleges in the federation, then we will consult with parents, students, staff and the wider community during the next few months. The college is an important local asset with many stakeholders and no changes will be made without a full consultation.