More refurbishment at Wakeman Hall

15 May 2015

One of the massive benefits for SSFC in taking on Wakeman Hall, continuing its use as an educational setting, is the sheer size of the building. 

This has realised huge benefits for many departments not least creative and sport based subjects but also for our Examinations Officer, Sandra Sparkes.

Given the nature of the majority of our subjects, exams is what we do at this time of year and at our peak we have to be able to accommodate over 390 students at any one time under very strict rules and regulations from the Exam Regulators. Previously, we have had students taking exams all over Shrewsbury including at Central, the Baptist church on Barker St. Now all exams are able to be accommodated under one roof, in Wakeman Hall's Lower Ground Floor.

Interestingly, the name is a bit of a misnomer. Not many people realise that 'Level 1' (aka the first floor) of Wakeman Hall is actually way above ground level. This means that the exam suite is actually the 'ground' floor and very well situated with windows and excellent views of Abbey Gardens and the river. Refurbishment has made the space very useable and work will continue over the next academic year on some of the space that isn't yet utilised.

The gallery below shows more.

Wakeman Hall - Lower Ground Floor