Talk on the Wild Side Workshops hit their mark

18 February 2015

Ex-students and Talk on the Wildside mentors, Rory and Finn McCann came to college recently to run a day programme with a group of students. 

The day included two talks and workshops. The first talk focused on pursuing your passions and having the right attitude to obstacles. This was followed by a workshop on personal motivations in life, introspection on character development and how to stretch towards your goals.

The afternoon talk was about what the world has to offer in terms of adventure and other lifestyle opportunities. The workshop that followed this focused on setting challenging ambitions and how to take manageable steps towards these. It also covered dealing with setbacks and how to embrace the support systems around you. The students were great and really got stuck into the workshops - coming up with some fantastic action plans and really throwing themselves into the activities. 

Student feedback was very positive - they had even come into college on a non-teaching day to attend!

"I just wanted to thank you for such an inspirational talk on Friday. I am so happy that you’ve branched out to speak at colleges, as I and so many others I know have found it a very confusing time. Your talk and activities have inspired me to be more confident in sharing my ideas and goals with friends, family and people I meet, so truly thank you."

"I think what you do is awesome and it goes a long way in giving people the self confidence to achieve whatever they want!"

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