World Development Movement Director visits

18 December 2014

World Development Movement:

A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to have Nick Dearden and Ed Lewis, from the World Development Movement, came to SSFC to teach our Geography lesson. They later gave a talk to A2 Geography students about the World Development Movement, what it campaigns for, how and why.

The World Development Movement is an organisation which campaigns against what it considers to be the root causes of poverty and inequality. It is founded on the premise that ‘Global poverty is not inevitable. It’s a result of government policies, economic structures and corporate behaviour.’ WDM is a democratically-governed movement made up of local campaign groups based in towns and cities around the UK.  Its staff in London and Edinburgh co-ordinate campaigns that challenge the powerful and seek to redress the balance between the rich and poor in the world.

It was interesting to find out about the imbalance of wealth across the world and how powerful businesses have greater power and influence over the economy and governments than we may think. I think the entire class was shocked to learn that the top 85 richest people on the planet are richer than the poorest 3.5 billion people! Nick and Ed were great at encouraging us to discuss things and to voice our opinions. It was enlightening to hear different people’s ideas about the redistribution of wealth and our discussion really helped me to develop my own thoughts on this issue. We also learnt specifically about the TTIP campaign. TTIP is the ‘Transatlantic Trade & Partnership deal which is a ‘free-trade’ deal being negotiated by the EU and US. The deal will give big businesses substantial power and influence over our society, environment, public services and democracy. It was really fascinating to hear about something that is so relevant to all of us and will have such a big and serious impact on our lives, yet most of us had never even heard of it.

I’ve already signed the petition against TTIP and I would encourage everyone to do the same! If you want any more information, head to the World Development Movement website   I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience! Thank you to Dave Caton for organising such a thought-provoking event.

Anwen Davies