International student in bedroom studyingWhere you live will have a huge impact on your studies and progress which is why we at Shrewsbury Sixth Form College we ensure that all of our international students receive the best care and attention when organising accommodation. We want to ensure you all have a happy and enriching home life.

We offer all of our international students a home stay arrangement. This is a home environment with a British family that enables the students to fully integrate into British society, learning about our customs and at the same time improving their use of the English language.

Typically Home Stay arrangements and fees cover:

  • A comfortable room of their own
  • Full-board on non-college days – part-board on all other days
  • Easy transport access to the college and town
  • English language practice
  • British culture and customs experience
  • Guidance and advice
  • Rewarding experience
  • Sensitive to religious needs
  • An all-inclusive cost so no extra payments for utility bills

If you have any questions about home stay and guardianship please contact Liz Hird. Student Admissions Manager