Additional Support

We welcome students who need additional support and cater for a broad range of needs.

Our qualified staff can provide one to one support for students.

We also work with many external agencies to further enhance the support available to students and loan out specialist equipment. Please make sure we are aware of any learning differences, disabilities or medical conditions you may have so we can support you in your studies and allow you to develop your potential and independence.

The Study Support area offers support with:

  • Study skills
  • Exam technique and revision skills
  • Specific learning differences e.g. Dyslexia
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • ESOL – English Speakers of Other Languages
  • Sensory Impairment
  • Physical disability


Students are encouraged to disclose information relating to any learning differences in the application form. They may also be referred, with permission, by their teachers at any time during their course. Alternatively, they can refer themselves. Referral forms are found on Moodle/Student Support/Study Support/Accessing Support. There is also an opportunity at the Parents’ Pre-Enrolment Evening in July to discuss any concerns/needs and at the Parents’ Transition and Consultation Evenings.

Access Arrangements

Students who let us know about previous access arrangements, such as extra time, use of a word processor, reader or scribe, will be given an appointment during their first term in order to ensure that they are given the correct concessions in exams at college. More general study support is also available on a regular basis if you require it or if we think you would benefit from it.

We can only support you if you make us aware of your need. If you would like to discuss your study support needs further please ask to speak to Samantha Jones (

Regular Support

Some students will require weekly support and this is provided by the Study Support team. It is important that students keep their appointments or re-schedule them if they are unable to do so. College considers this commitment to be as important as any lesson and, therefore, the consequences of missing them will be equally serious. There is also subject support available in all subjects where 1:1 or small group support, specific to subject areas, is given. Help is available for coursework, exam preparation and homework. For information about this, ask the subject teacher or see the schedule on Moodle/ Student Support/Study Support/Accessing Support


There is a lot of information about Study Support on our Moodle site. Have a look and see all the help which is available to you. There are sections on different disabilities and general help about organisation, essay writing, note taking and revision.

Higher Education

If you have a learning need and have had extra support at the college or used access arrangements in our exams, and you are considering making a UCAS application to study in higher education, then you should also consider making an application for Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) or Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA).

An amount of money to help students who have a disability, on-going health condition, mental health condition or specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia to pay for support costs in Higher Education. They are non-repayable and can be used to pay for:

  • Specialist equipment for studying
  • Non-medical helpers like note-takers, readers etc
  • Travel costs related to disability
  • Other costs like printer cartridges or photocopying

The money is focussed specifically on helping students access their course and overcome any disadvantages that are a consequence of their disability.

Further information is available here

If you have any further queries please contact Samantha Jones on or book an appointment via Reception