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GCE A Level


Equipment: Core text books are provided. Optional subscription to Sociology Review magazine is available at £15. 

Trips:  Year 2 Students attend an optional ‘crime conference’ which costs approximately £30. Year 1 students attend an Equality & Diversity Day which is free.

Specific requirements

A list of entry requirements can be found here.

What will I study?

Sociology is the study of human societies. Sociologists are most interested in the causes and consequences of social behaviour, such as crime or discrimination. The subject encourages students to develop analytical and evaluative skills and question aspects of society which may have previously been taken for granted.

Sociology is highly regarded by universities and employers, particularly in areas such as the Social Sciences, Law, Journalism, the caring professions and most careers which involved working with people. So if you have an enquiring mind, an interest in current social issues and a willingness to explore a variety of explanations of the world around you, then Sociology is the subject for you.

Where does it lead?

Approximately 75% of our leavers progressed to Higher Education (a number of these after a gap year). 25% went into various types of employment.