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GCE A Level

We study British Government and Politics and the Government of the USA in Year 1 and US politics, comparative Politics and a range of political philosophies in Year 2,

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Specific requirements

A list of entry requirements can be found here.

What will I study?

Politics is about the conflict that results from different interests and needs in society, and different attitudes to how power and resources should be gained, distributed and used. Through the study of the British political system and the political system of the United States, you will examine the aims, success and failure, and structures of political organisations such as parties and pressure groups, which social and economic groups create and use to further their interests, as well as the effectiveness and fairness of different electoral systems

In addition you will look at the most important factors in voting behaviour, and the reasons why different social groups vote for different parties. A major feature of the course is also the ways civil rights and liberties are protected and how effective they are. Politics will appeal to those who are interested in current affairs, and like to express and discuss opinions on political ideas and power.

Where does it lead?

Higher/Continuing Education: 
Students pursue many different courses at degree level with Politics, Law and History being the most popular. 

Work with Member of Parliament, or journalism, local and central government, the Law, amongst others.