Modern Languages

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GCE A Level

Specific requirements

A list of entry requirements can be found here.

What will I study?

The ability to communicate in a foreign language is a very valuable asset in an increasingly globalised world. Studying a language to A Level with us will give you the opportunity to pursue your studies to a higher level at university or to use the skills you acquire to enhance your CV and employment prospects in a wide range of careers. 

Many of our students have gone on to study languages in higher education, often in combination with other subjects such as Law, History or Business, and a number have used their language skills to work abroad.

We are the only college in Shropshire to offer A Levels in German, French and Spanish and we have a team of well-qualified and experienced language teachers and an excellent range of resources to support your studies. You will also have a weekly opportunity to practise your spoken language with a native assistant. In addition, you will be encouraged to participate in a trip abroad; for many years we have run exchanges to France and study trips to Spain and Germany.

Where does it lead?

Higher/Continuing Education: Almost 90% of the previous student group progressed to Higher Education courses. French/German/Spanish can be combined with almost any other subject at University and graduates with languages are sought after within many areas of employment.

Employment: A small percentage of the previous student group progressed directly into employment. A number of our students have spent time abroad teaching English.