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GCE A Level


Field trips: Using local sites and possibly residential. Costs £20-£100. Possibility of an international field trip during the summer term. Previous trips have included Italy and Iceland. 

Clothing: Outdoor clothing. Sturdy walking boots and waterproof essential. 

Specific requirements

A list of entry requirements can be found here.

What will I study?

Geology is the branch of science concerned with the structure, evolution and dynamics of the Earth and with the exploitation of the mineral and energy resources that it contains. Geology is a great subject since it demonstrates the relevance of science to society. It applies physical, chemical and biological principles to the investigation of the Earth, but also involves a distinctive scientific methodology to explain the evolution of the planet through geological time. Geology gives you the chance to begin to appreciate how the landscape and rock exposures around you tell a story of dramatic change and chance over time.

Where does it lead?

Higher/Continuing Education: A degree in Geology requires good grades at A Level, (in particular geology, science and maths) and opens up opportunities in hydro-geology, civil engineering, water, oil, gas, and mineral companies plus environmental management positions.