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GCE A Level

Why Economics at SSFC?

You will:

  • be taught by highly qualified and experienced staff with specialist economics knowledge
  • experience lessons that relate to the real world and explain how economic theory relates to what you see on TV
  • learn how to analyse data, think critically about situations and make informed decisions
  • study an A level which has been prepared in consultation with the top universities and employers

Costs: Day trips to conferences in Birmingham, for example, are priced to cover the cost of transport and entry fee at a cost of approximately £70.  

Specific requirements

A list of entry requirements can be found here.

What will I study?

Economics is central to solving everyday problems experienced by households, firms and government. Why do we buy the things that we do and what are we trying to achieve? How do firms decide on prices; why do some firms charge more than others? Why is there so much concern over the price of oil? How much should people be paid for the work they do; what are the most appropriate levels of taxation? Following the global financial crisis how will the cutbacks in government spending affect growth in the real economy?

Economists explore all of these issues through the related theory and diagrams, which are then further applied to predict future behaviour and outcomes.

Where does it lead?

Economics is essential for employment in the Financial Services Sector. Combined with Maths & Physics it can lead into engineering;  a Language and Economics provides an excellent  base for working abroad. The use of IT, the ability to use and apply abstract models, to analyse and evaluate information and theory make you good at problem solving - ideal preparation for life!