Classical Civilisation

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GCE A Level

Specific requirements

A list of entry requirements can be found here.

What will I study?

Students who take this course have an interest in Greek and Roman History and Society. We study the myths of the period, study the literature that the ancients wrote and look at the type of society that they lived in. Aspects of this course include the History of Greece in C5 B.C. and the History of Rome in C1 B.C. We briefly touch upon aspects of philosophy, ancient art, architecture and archaeology.

Students who study Classical Civilisation develop skills of reading, writing and historical analysis. Many students go on to study Classically based courses at university such as Ancient History, Classics (Latin and Greek) or Classical Civilisation but History, English, Law, Theatre Studies, Social Sciences and Archaeology are also popular choices with ex-students. Many students take this course out of interest and discover that it sits alongside any A Level course, especially those which develop reading, writing and discussion skills.

Is this the right subject for me?
  • If you want to learn about a past society and culture you will enjoy this subject
  • We are a very varied subject and fit well with lots of different combinations of other subject areas
  • You can learn about the literature, art, architecture and history of the ancient world and the ways in which they affect the current world.
  • If you like reading and writing, this is an influential period of history
  • If you enjoy the visual arts, this is a very influential period
  • Ancient philosophers teach us much about discussion, debate and argument.

You will learn through: 

  • Reading
  • Watching films and documentaries
  • Visual material such as vase painting or buildings
  • Debate
  • Essay writing
  • Presentations

Where does it lead?

Many students go on to study classically based courses at university such as Ancient History, Classics (Latin and Greek) or Classical Civilisation, History, English, Theatre Studies, Social Sciences and Archaeology are also popular choices with ex-students.

Classical Civilisation students can be found in all sorts of careers such as legal services, teaching, travel and tourism, public services, theatre, civil service, journalism, politics, museum and historical archives to name a few!

Many students take this course out of interest and discover that it sits alongside any A level course, especially those which develop reading, writing and discussion skills.

Typically 67% progress to Higher Education of whom 11% chose a Classics or Classics-related course.