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GCE A Level or BTEC

In both courses you will learn about how real businesses operate and focus on the decision making process in context. You will study issues that impact on businesses of different types and sizes, from the corner shop to a global corporation such as Apple.

You will be expected to demonstrate your understanding verbally and in written form and to justify your opinions in classroom discusssions. You will develop research skills to enhance your understanding of key business issues.


Trips: Possibly some visits approximately £10 - £15 each. 

Specific requirements

A list of entry requirements can be found here.

What will I study?

Business looks at a wide range of businesses ranging from small local firms to multinationals. We use lots of current examples/websites and try and explain decisions based on business theory. 
For example:
  • Why won’t the Dragons invest in a business idea?
  • What is Sir Alan Sugar really looking for in his Apprentice?
  • How do interest rates and exchange rates affect a business?
  • Why are firms based in Britain moving production to other countries?
  • How do we manage staff to motivate them to achieve their best?
  • What do financial reports really tell us about a business and its’ success?

Where does it lead?

Both courses provide opportunities for progression to a wide range of Higher Education degrees, apprenticeships or employment.