Progress Monitoring

Viewing Progress Grades on ProPortal

To view the data, log on to ProPortal and click on your son/daughter's name (Instructions to follow later in the term.)

Target Setting and Progress Monitoring

The Principal meets with all students on their first tutorial day to explain the approach to target setting used at college. Tutorial sessions then build on these meetings with sessions on personal target grades.

The target grades are based on prior attainment at GCSE and are intended as a minimum target grade rather than a ceiling on possible achievement.

Progress grades will be given to students at four points in the year and will be reported as either A/B/C/D/E/U (for A level courses) or D*/D/M/P/U (for BTEC courses). The progress grade is defined as the most likely final outcome if the student continues working in a similar manner.

An individual progress grade is not linked to one specific piece of work but is based on the teacher’s professional judgement of all assessments leading up to the progress check point.

Following each progress check, students will have a meeting with their Student Support Tutor to review their grades and their subject feedback. In these meetings they will agree targets and record them on their Individual Learning Plan in ProPortal.

Students are expected to take ownership of their own progress in terms of review and target setting. They will record a summary of the feedback they receive from the subject teacher on selected pieces of work and will refer to this when meeting with their Student Support Tutor.

Parents will be able to see the progress check grades on ProPortal shortly after the week in which the progress check grades are collected. In addition they will be able to see target setting information as and when it is completed.

The weeks for Progress grade collection in 2017-18 are:

Progress Check Week 1 6-10 November 2017
Progress Check Week 2  22-26 January 2018
Progress Check Week 3 19-23 March 2018
Progress Check Week 4 14-18 May 2018

In addition to progress grades, written comments will be provided for each year group at the following times:

  • Year 1 in the first term to inform parents about how the student is settling into the course;
  • Year 2 in the autumn term to share subject statements which will form the basis of UCAS or job/apprenticeship references;
  • Year 2 mid-year to inform parents about steps the student could take to improve further following the first mock exam.

Consultation Events

These are an opportunity for parents to meet teaching staff for an appointment in order to discuss progress and gain an insight into what can be done to maintain or improve performance. We encourage students to attend these events with parents in the belief that best results are gained when they are involved in the process.