GCSE and BTEC Level 1/2 Results Day – Thursday 24th August

GCSE Results will be available from the Examinations Office at the English Bridge Campus

From 8.30am to 9.30am

Collection of results after these dates will be from Welsh Bridge Reception.

Understanding your results

Max mark per unit - A Level Modular and Linear Subjects          Updated: 06/07/2017     (63 KB)
Understanding UMS results - AS A Level Modular Subjects          Updated: 06/07/2017     (24 KB)


After you receive your results it may be appropriate to request a remark or to see your exam paper. This is a ‘Post Result Service’ and many of the services are very time critical and all carry a cost which can now be paid online. Click here to see the different services available.

Please click here for instructions on how to apply using the online application.

Click here to be redirected to the Post Result Services online application system. Please make sure that you have read the procedures above before commencing your purchase.

SCRIPTS FOR EDEXCEL SUBJECTS ONLY – The Exam board is providing this service free of charge this year, to request your scripts please email with your candidate name, exam number, student number and subject.  Your scripts will then be sent to your college email address.

For further advice on what to do if your results were not as you hoped please contact the Student Support Tutors.


Summer Exam Timetable

Click here to view the provisional summer 2018 exam timetable.

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